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Coretanku.Info – Sale Geigerrig Hydration Engines. Buying Geigerrig Hydration Engines. Is one of the best products brought out this week. At the time of furthering you’ll find it unequaled design, varied and then accommodated just for your self. And from now on on the internet a wide variety of own products it’s possible get.

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Low Prices Geigerrig Hydration Engines

Geigerrig Hydration Engines Features

  • The patented two chamber system.
  • Ogwa Hydration reservoir (the Geigerrig Hydration Engine), hosted exclusively by Geigerrig, has several key components that provide key benefits for any hydration pack user.
  • Geigerrig hydration bladders are compatible with most other packs.Slide Top and Wide Mouth Bladder: The slide top allows the entire top of the reservoir to open up to provide easy access for cleaning, drying and filling; this slide top is a key product component that comes from Geigerrig’s healthy relationship with the company Hydrapak.
  • Pressure Bulb: The pressure bulb and pressure tube provides the mechanism to pressurize Geigerrig’s hydration bladders utilizing the patented two chamber system.
  • Spray to drink, Spray to Cool, Spray to Clean, Spray to Share…etc.

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